Other Services

Other Services Below list gives just a selection of the most common services required, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other problem related to your French living.

  • Emergency service in case of acute problems such as burglary, water damage, power outages, etc. The service is signed as an annual subscription where action is taken within 6 hours
  • Insurance matters in case of damage to the property (water damages, power cuts, fire, etc).
  • Contacts in case of vehicle damage with parties involved and insurance companies.
  • Discussion with Syndic (housing association, participating at AGM’s)
  • Measures to restore property in case of damage.
  • Obtaining quotes for rebuilding.
  • Obtaining quotes when needed for various services.
  • Contacts or letter correspondence with French authorities.
  • Provision of service for the registration of car in France.

Many of the services above could require professional competence and we will then refer you to recognised specialists that can assist you.  Many of the services require special skills, and we refer to reputable skilled specialists who can help you solve the problems encountered. Interested? Contact us!