Inspection Package

Often a physical presence is needed to sort out any problems related to your Riviera living, especially when something unforeseen happens in your absence. Riviera Property Assist offers an annual standard service subscription as described below.  Before signing an agreement we will visit your property together with you in order to ensure all your requirements will be met.

What is included?


  • We carry out two surveys per year We check if any intrusion exists, outside doors, windows etc.
  • Ocular inspection of all rooms for possible damage / noise / mold and control of base heat is in progress during the winter.
  • We check if leaks have occurred, we check wet rooms, we check that the water meter does not spin.
  • We control heating systems (gas), we read of meters for water, electricity, gas.
  • We empty the mailbox and send out important mail (tax office, bills, housing association etc, this to avoid late payment charges.)
  • Control of facade / roof (from the ground) trenches and water drainage.
  • Control of garden, garage, gate and fencing.
  • We refer to craftsmen who have the required diploma and liability insurance.


  • We explain Taxe D’Habitation and Taxe Foncière
  • Summerising content of letters from authorities.
  • We draw up an inspection protocol available online on our website.

After a first inspection together with you we establish a customer profile over your property that will be available to you on our website. It includes the establishing of customer and property details and your personal login details to our website; establishing any particular services required, number of inspections and schedule, etc.  The inspection should ideally  be arranged as an annual subscription.

We offer also an “emergency policy”,  where we within six hours notice (daytime) attend to your property in case of e g burglary, fire, water leaks, etc.  We will document any damages and it will be sent to you for decision on what action you want to take.

Any requests for other services required see under the tab Other Services. Interested?

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