About us

The company is a French VAT-registered company based in Cagnes-sur-Mer. The company has a full liability insurance covering all related to the company’s operations.

Lars Näslund Since many years living in France and with a long history in the travel agency, hotel and service industry. He has good experience of French property issues, French culture and politics, which is one of his great interests.
Jan Källenius Resident in France for the last 9 years after 25 years in England, where he, among other things, operated companies and engaged in real estate and refurbishments. In France, he has joined the board of the housing association he lives and gained a good insight into how it works on the French real estate market.
Håkan Bryngelson Resident in Sweden but living on the Riviera. As former CEO of the Swedish real estate company Vasakronan, he has invaluable knowledge about property issues and acts as an active advisor to the company